We know that no one is excited about taxes (even accountants) but if you are going to build a strong successful business you have to have some understanding of taxes and what they mean in your business. The person who has all answers is your CPA. You should like and feel comfortable talking to them […]

Why You Need a CPA and What to Ask Them

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It’s officially the holiday season and in addition to running our businesses we are cuddling up with our favorite Nancy Meyer’s movies! Recently, on our 1000th rewatch of The Holiday we couldn’t help but be reminded that even when everything seems like it is falling apart that it is actually the start of something REALLY […]

Planning for Abundance in Your Business


Are you in the midst of sorting out what kind of business entity you need to be? We know it can be a complex and overwhelming process, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! At Business Prep School, we’re here to be your knowledgeable friend who’s been there and is always ready to lend a […]

What Business Entity Should I Be

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Ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s talk about the magic of social media!

Social Media 101

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So you have a customer that STILL has an outstanding invoice?  Here are some tips for writing an email to collect payment.  FIRST EMAIL:  Be light, maybe they really did just forget SUBJECT : Overdue Invoice Hello ______, We had such a great time working on your project! Just wanted to let you know that […]

Outstanding Payment Script

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Summer is here! Which means beach days, cold drinks, and bookkeeping . . . said no one, ha. The middle of the year is when the not so fun things, like bookkeeping can get pushed to the wayside. We are here to be your little reminder to check in on your bookkeeping. You will thank […]

Summer Bookkeeping Checklist! 

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You may have heard it before but we’re saying it again. Consistency is KEY. No matter your business, brand consistency is the number one thing that will get you repeat clients, new clients and have all of your friends telling their friends. It’s the reason that you can go to Starbucks and order a Flat […]

Consistency Is Key

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Bookkeepers work hand-in-hand with Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). But they fill different roles, so we thought we’d break it down for y’all here! What’s In a Name? A CPA and a bookkeeper are both accounting professionals. A CPA is certified (it’s right there in the name!) and has to complete continuing education and keep up […]

Bookkeepers vs. CPAs

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We feel like a broken record telling everyone and their sister to use Quickbooks, but it is truly the only way you will be able to have a FULL picture of your finances. (Yes, there are other kinds of accounting software, but Quickbooks Online beats them all!) Also, CPAs prefer Quickbooks to other software.  OHHH […]

5 Reasons You NEED Quickbooks

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 LET’S TALK ABOUT WRITE-OFFS.  WHAT THEY ARE AND HOW CAN WE GET MORE OF THEM. (also, remember you pay for it) The Basics  tax deduction / taks dih-duhk-shuhn / noun : Buying something “ordinary and necessary” for your business and then using that amount to lower the income you have made. Click here to see what the IRS […]

You Just Write It Off

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