Summer Bookkeeping Checklist! 

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Summer is here! Which means beach days, cold drinks, and bookkeeping . . . said no one, ha. The middle of the year is when the not so fun things, like bookkeeping can get pushed to the wayside. We are here to be your little reminder to check in on your bookkeeping. You will thank yourself at the end of the year.

  • W9s for contractors – scan through your Quickbooks (or run a report of contractor payments) and make sure you have a W9 (get one here!) for ALL of your contractors. Think of anyone you have paid for a service that isn’t an employee of a corporation. 
  • Categorize all your transactions in Quickbooks 
  • Reconciling your bank and credit card accounts – make sure your bank balance matches your Quickbooks balance 
  • Get payment for outstanding invoices. Do you have any unpaid invoices? Now is the time to give them a nudge. Here’s a script you can use to help you craft an email. 
  • Check in with your sales goals and budget. Are you on track? Are you spending a little too much?
  • Now is the time to get an appointment with your CPA for the fall! I know it sounds crazy to think about taxes already but planning will help you not freak out come tax time. CPAs get busy during tax season. Book a call with them in September. The main thing you want to talk about is your taxable income going to be more or less than last year and any big changes. 

Doing a little mid-year check in can help you avoid a meltdown at the end of the year and help you get back on track!

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