Consistency Is Key

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You may have heard it before but we’re saying it again. Consistency is KEY. No matter your business, brand consistency is the number one thing that will get you repeat clients, new clients and have all of your friends telling their friends. It’s the reason that you can go to Starbucks and order a Flat White here in Wilmington and it’s going to taste exactly the same as at the Starbucks in Australia. It’s familiar, delicious and you know exactly what you’re going to get. The same thing applies to your social media presence. Consistency establishes a sense of trust between you and your potential client. What you post, when you post and the quality of content that you’re putting out is important and if you’re using social media to advertise your business, it needs to be thought out.

Image Quality

Maybe you don’t own a camera besides the one on your phone, or you’re just starting out and just can’t afford to hire someone to take professional photos. That’s OK. We recently blogged about iPhone photography and you can grab a few tips there. We always say that the best camera is the one that you have on you, so use that iPhone sister! Practice on your dog, boyfriend, kids- find that nice, even light (you can find it anywhere, we promise) and start shooting your product.

Find a filter or preset that matches your brand aesthetic and stick with it. If your company primarily operates outside then a light and bright filter may be the best option for you. If you work in the restaurant industry then you may be looking for a moodier filter that still looks clean. The key to image consistency with a filter/preset is shooting in similar light for each photo. The best part about using a similar editing style is that it will help your followers know it’s your photo coming up on their  before they even see your name.

Get On A Posting Schedule

Once you feel good about your photo skills decide how often it makes sense for you to post. Maybe it’s everyday, maybe it’s twice a week. Decide and stick to it! Staying consistent with when you post will ensure that your followers know what to expect from you and it won’t be a shock when they see you in their newsfeed. There’s nothing worse than when someone takes a month off from Instagram and then hits your  newsfeed twice a day. It’s confusing to their followers and ultimately can lead to a decline in engagement.We recommend using an Instagram scheduling app like Planoly to ensure that your posting is routine. 

We know, it’s a lot to take in! But once you start implementing some of these techniques it will make your life way easier. PlanolyVSCO Cam and Lightroom Mobile are some of our favorite apps that help keep us on track, one of them even posts to Instagram FOR you. You can stay consistent with your editing and plan your feed out weeks in advance!

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